After the exams… 

Hi guys ! I’ve been AWOL because if my exams and now I finally back.I’ve just finished ‘The Last of the Firedrakes’ That review will be online in a few days! I’ve now started conquering Fiery Autumn since the 2nd season of Outlander has already started and I really really don’t want any book spoilers.Wish… Continue reading After the exams… 


A bookish rainbow to brighten your day!

Here’s a picture of a book rainbow😍 Some of these are books that I recently hauled on my trip to Bangalore❤️That city is the best place for Bibliophiles!!! I’m loosing count on the many gorgeous bookstores – for New and Used books alike. Some of my favourites are: Landmark at Garuda Mall❤️ Book fair at… Continue reading A bookish rainbow to brighten your day!

Book Reviews

A Book review on Fluence by Stephen Oram

             Fluence by Stephen Oram The book is a contemporary dystopian novel set in a future London that is divided into a class structure based on social media influence.Every year,a pay day takes place where everyone is assessed and further is assigned a colour.White being the lowest and Red being the… Continue reading A Book review on Fluence by Stephen Oram

Starting out

Starting my blog…a step from Bookstagram

Hello everyone, This feels a  little daunting to venture into a new experience,the world of Blogging.I have been following many book blogs as well as lifestyle belongs for get.Only now have i made  decision to start my very own blog.